Arapahoe County Has New Expanded Services to Help Customers

The Arapahoe County Clerk and Recorder’s office has rolled out the Qmatic queue management system in its Littleton, Aurora and Centennial offices. This state-of-the-art system is designed to help shorten wait times at County offices, and it expands and improves the ability of customers to make appointments for tasks such as driver’s license renewals and passport and marriage license services.
The office also has changed its procedures for individuals who come into County offices to perform a transaction related to a disability plate or placard: These customers will now be automatically prioritized in the service queue upon their arrival, so they do not need to schedule an appointment.

The office also has expanded marriage license services at all metro offices. Couples who wish to get married can go to Littleton, Centennial or Aurora and get a marriage license recorded and signed, and to get certified copies made, all in a single visit. In the past, they could only go to a branch and get their license, and then had to follow-up later to get it recorded or have copies made.
Newly expanded appointment services now include:
o Marriage licenses
o Passports (Littleton office only)
o Driver’s licenses (Littleton and Centennial)

The Qmatic system identifies bottlenecks and open times at service counters to provide people with better scheduling options by helping them determine when they’re most likely to be able to complete their business more quickly and letting them track this data in real-time. Qmatic also measures transaction and wait times, which will enable the office to schedule its staff more efficiently.

For more information, visit the Clerk and Recorder Wait Times web page.