Audio Entrepreneur: ‘How I Built This’ (podcasts for business)

  Podcasts, digital audio or video recordings, are usually part of a themed series which can be played or downloaded to a digital device such as your smartphone or computer and are timely, convenient and usually free.  Especially relevant for entrepreneurs and business owners, podcasts offer a variety of perspectives and ideas from experts in different business fields.  Listening to how others succeeded can help you better achieve the goals you’ve set for your business.  From time to time, we’ll share some of our favorite business-oriented podcasts.

Our first recommendation is “How I Built This”, a weekly 30-60 minute podcast from NPR about “entrepreneurs, and idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built. Each episode is a narrative journey marked by triumphs, failures, serendipity and insight — told by the founders of some of the world’s best-known companies and brands. If you’ve ever built something from nothing, something you really care about — or even just dream about it — check out How I Built This hosted by Guy Raz @guyraz“.