Business Education Seminars

Seminars for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

The City of Littleton’s Economic Development Department hosts seminars covering topics of interest for entrepreneurs and businesses located within the city limits. We stay current on trends, tools and strategies that affect business. These sessions are part of the many resources we provide that encourage business success in a challenging economy.

In the coming year, we will be providing new formats and topics for businesses education…stay tuned as we make 2018 a great year for learning.


Below are a sampling of past seminars:



This presentation will feature guest speaker Sean Manning author of the award-winning book “Six Steps to SMALL BUSINESS SUCCESS”. In addition to sharing insights from the book, Sean’s pragmatic presentation poses thought-provoking questions designed to help any business owner dream big, think realistically and plan carefully in order to develop a thriving, profitable organization.
Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Website

The world of Internet marketing and search engine optimization is constantly changing. Staying current is essential to your marketing strategy. This session covers:

  • Best practices for website marketing
  • Tips on how to optimize your site
  • Great content
  • Visitor-friendly navigation
  • Effective use of integrated social media
  • Tips on making contact with customers and more…
Terrific Tech Tools: Free & Low Cost Tools for Your Business

The world is changing fast and as a business owner, you need to keep up. Fortunately, there are off-the-shelf tools that can help. In this presentation we’ll explore free and low cost tech solutions for common business challenges like managing:

  • Productivity
  • Internal Business Processes
  • Profitability
Margin of Error: How Your Business Failures Can Hold the Key to Success

  • Re-define failure
  • Why mistakes are necessary
  • Take full advantage of mistakes
  • Be responsive – spot opportunity
  • Integrating mistakes
  • Keep thinking like a winner
 How to Access Capital for Your Business

  • What are lenders require to make loan
  • Resources that can help you become “loan worthy”
  • Alternative sources for capital
 Power Up Your Business Strategy

  • Identifying your top customers & clients
  • Establishing your competitive edge
  • Building an effective marketing strategy
  • Innovating to stay on top
 Video not available Mobile Apps for Business

  • Mobile apps save time and money
  • What apps are available
  • Helpful links