Chatham Financial is now in Littleton

Most heavy-hitting financial firms make their home in New York or at the very least, Downtown Denver, but Chatham Financial in Littleton is striving to change that. This summer, the company opened its newest location at 7926 South Platte Canyon Road.

The office, complete with a rock climbing wall, and renovated kitchen and gym, fosters collaboration between the staff. Although the work place functions as a casual setting, the firm specializes in consulting for investment and risk management. It advises on nearly $400 billion in transactions. The clients span from small transactions to publicly traded companies.

What began with 17 employees five years ago has grown to 49 in a short time. Chatham Financial is looking forward to connecting with the citizens of Littleton, whether it’s partnering with organizations or volunteering to make a positive impact in the community. The firm also has a separate 5,000 square-foot meeting space that’s available for rent.

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