Colorado Restaurants & Bars Can Sell Alcohol To-Go Through Delivery

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis on Friday, March 20, 2020, held a news conference to update the public on the latest of the State’s COVID-19 relief efforts. The Governor streamed it live on his social media platform. For the next 30 days, he’s allowing bars, restaurants, brewpubs and distillery pubs to sell alcohol in sealed containers and with food purchased.

He joined a growing number of states allowing restaurants to serve alcohol alongside food for takeout or delivery during the eight-week coronavirus shutdown. Food and beverage establishments that are open for delivery, take-out and drive-thru now may provide alcohol to customers, which means that you can include this in your order now if they sell it. Of course, those who order alcohol from these businesses must present a valid ID, and no samples or tasters will be offered on or offsite.

“I’m proud that we’re taking additional steps today to allow restaurants that are maintaining delivery and takeout to also make alcohol sales alongside food sales,” Polis said. “This will help them continue to stay afloat during these trying times.”