Dirt Coffee Bar Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary in Downtown Littleton!

Founded by Lauren Burgess as a mobile truck in 2013, Dirt Coffee expanded to its current brick-and-mortar location; opening its doors at 5767 Rapp St in downtown Littleton on May 5th of 2018 and they were able to celebrate their success with all of Littleton during their one year Anniversary event!

Their Anniversary celebration took place on Saturday, May 11th from 2pm-9pm and included drink specials, live music throughout the event, food trucks and a coloring area for the kiddos! They look forward to many more years of caffeinating our lovely city!

The ‘Dirt’ on Dirt
Dirt is a non-profit with ‘a mission to employ and empower individuals with neurodiversities, like ‘autism, through coffee and community while encouraging others to do the same’.  Besides serving kickass coffee and happily caffeinating the Littleton and surrounding communities, Dirt provides training opportunities, paid internship programs and employment for those with autism providing a safe and supportive environment for people of all ability levels to learn and grow.

Dirt ‘Beyond the Cup’
The skills learned don’t just help within Dirt’s walls but the transferrable skills such as time management customer service, professionalism, and small talk are also built into the customizable curriculum for Dirt’s interns. This system of paid, personalized training, followed by supported and meaningful employment, creates sustainable futures and an example designed to change the world.

Dirt utilizes its platform to educate their community, provide scholarships, partners with employers interested in expanding their neurodiverse workforce and is an advocate at both the state and federal level for public policies that positively affect those they serve. As they say, “Dirt goes beyond the cup to change lives and change minds outside of its four walls”.  Check out the Dirt Coffee Bar website and stop in and experience Dirt for yourself!