Downtown Littleton businesses are planning to market Downtown Littleton as a destination

The following message comes from Tina Witham of Lido Wine Merchants in Downtown Littleton:

Over the past decade the changes to downtown Littleton have been remarkable; what was once a hodgepodge of businesses that included white tablecloth dining, seedy bars, and second-hand clothing stores, has blossomed into a destination community where folks live, eat, play, shop and work.

Downtown Littleton has so much to offer. We have dining, bars, fitness, gifts, jewelry, clothing, tea, cheese, coffee, spices, olive oils, wine, ice cream, bridal, floral, pet care, salons, spas, tattoo, and more. With so much to offer, perhaps it’s time we promote downtown Littleton as a destination and showcase the diverse and wonderful businesses that Littleton has to offer.

I have spoken with some fellow merchants interested in pooling resources to advertise and market downtown Littleton as a destination. This allows us to showcase the entire community, with something for everyone, and by splitting the cost, we can do so economically.

If you are interested in hearing more, or if you’d like to be a part of the brainstorming team, then please contact me directly and let’s move forward with marketing Downtown Littleton as the destination it is.

Thank you,

Tom & Tina Witham

Lido Wine Merchants