Economic Development Business Services

Did you know the City of Littleton Economic Development Department provides high-end resources and services at NO COST to those operating a business within the city limits? Our business development team can assist you whether you’re in the planning stages of a new business, looking to locate in Littleton, or you want to expand an existing operation.

If you’re starting a new business, we’ll review your plan, analyze your market and help you understand governmental requirements.

If you’re planning to locate in Littleton or you’re already in business we can help you grow your customer base through market analysis and effective strategies including:

♦ Internet Marketing and Social Media StrategiesIf you’re without a presence in the virtual world, we can help you begin the process. If you want to improve your results, we can help you evaluate your website and analyze your online marketing and social media.
♦ Networking Strategies and ContactsDo you need help making contacts and building professional relationships that can improve your business opportunities? We can assist you in finding the right people and develop strategies that yield results.
♦ Competitor Research (we do not provide competitive information on any business within the city limits)We can help identify and evaluate your competitors. We’ll work with you to develop your niche in the market.
♦ Industry Trend InformationIt’s a challenge staying on top of all of the things that can affect your business. We’ll research the trends related to your industry and help you avoid pitfalls and seize opportunities.
♦ Market Research – Demographic and Expenditure InformationWho is buying the products and services you sell? Who are your potential customers, where do they live and how much money are they spending? We can research your existing and potential markets to help you target your marketing and sales efforts.
♦ Find Available Properties within Littleton City LimitsWhether you’re just opening, looking for additional sites or moving your business to Littleton we can help you find a location that best suits your business requirements.
♦ Assist with Employment Needs – Recruitment/Hiring StrategiesDo you need help finding the right employees? We’ll review your requirements and research the best places and strategies for locating the people that suit the position.
♦ Provide Targeted Marketing Lists – Business-to-Consumer or Business-to-BusinessWe’ll provide you with targeted marketing lists including the consumers and/or businesses most likely to buy the products or services you sell.
♦ Assistance Locating and Evaluating SuppliersCan you find and properly evaluate the suppliers that meet your purchasing requirements? We can research and help analyze companies providing the products and services you need to operate your business.
♦ Access to Business Finance Information and ResourcesDo you need money for your business? We can help you with the basics on what lenders want and provide information on sources of capital.
♦ Liaison Assistance with City DepartmentsDo you have questions about a city requirement, regulation or process? Contact us and we’ll serve as your liaison with any city department.
♦ Business Education SeminarsWe stay current on trends, tools and strategies that affect business. Each year we sponsor “lunch & learn” training sessions that cover topics that will help your business grow.

Anyone operating a business within the City of Littleton may utilize the business resources at no cost. Your business operation must be physically based within the city. To verify that your business is within our city boundaries use City of Littleton Address Lookup or call 303-795-3749. You need to register your business by completing a Business & Sales Use Tax License Application.

Anyone engaged in commerce of any kind whether from a home-based or commercial location within the City of Littleton is required to complete this form. A separate license is required for each physical location where a retailer operates a retail business within the City. NO LICENSE IS TRANSFERABLE. Business establishments located outside the City limits who sell tangible personal property to Littleton businesses or residents at retail and have the items delivered to the in-City location must also obtain a sales tax license. There is no charge for the Business & Sales/Use Tax License Application. To register your business visit this page or call 303-795-3768.

Typically begin our work by scheduling a meeting with you and our team where we get to know your business and determine the resources that will help you grow your operation. If you have questions or you’d like to schedule an appointment, please contact:

City of Littleton
Economic Development Department