Envision Littleton moves forward

Envision Littleton will continue work in 2019 after we take the final steps to adopt the community vision and guiding principles in December. Over the summer, we received 870 survey responses and had conversations with over 3,000 people so these combined ideas helped us pull together a draft vision and guiding principles for the next 10-20 years. The month of October provided an opportunity for residents to “check our work” and ensure that Envision Littleton accurately captured and reflected the input received during the 12 intense weeks of summer engagement. By continuing the emphasis on key events in the city, the draft was seen by over 2,500 people.

The community reviewed draft was the focus of the joint study session for City Council and Planning Commission on November 13. They are now taking the final steps towards adoption with Planning Commission recommending adoption at their December 10 meeting and City Council considering adoption at their December 18 meeting. We owe a huge THANK YOU to all the residents, visitors, businesses, their employees, and other leaders of Littleton for their input, inspiration, and ideas.

Next in 2019, we will revisit and update the comprehensive plan as well as prepare a first-ever transportation master plan. This next phase of Envision Littleton will clearly define the rules and guidelines to implement priorities and goals around infrastructure (roads, water and stormwater facilities), housing, economic development, land-use development, parks, and open space. The combined planning through Envision Littleton will recognize the interdependence of all aspects of the city and illustrate the big picture of how Littleton will thrive over the next 20 years. Going forward, we will continue to listen, learn, and adapt so that the desired future for everyone in Littleton stays in focus. All who have contributed so far to Envision Littleton must remain stewards of the vision the community has put forward to be values-based and priority-driven.