Five Wellbeing Spa – a Littleton Community Haven, opens in Littleton

After three years of meticulous planning and extensive renovation, Five Wellbeing Spa has opened at 5602 South Nevada Street. Originally built as a family home in 1904, the structure was once the convent for St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

‘Five’ refers to the five elements of water, fire, metal, wood and earth, important in Chinese tradition for bringing balance to one’s existence. A passion project for owner Betsy Abrams, the spa reflects her commitment to creating a space for self-care, nurturing and self-discovery. From the welcoming front porch to the beautiful backyard, Five Wellbeing invites relaxation and reflection. Treatments incorporate cutting edge equipment like a float table, quartz table and relaxation chairs along with luxury linens, robes and amenities. Also on the property is a yoga studio, offering a variety of classes throughout the week.

The original owners         

St. Mary’s Convent