Getting Creative in the Times of COVID-19

Greetings Littleton business. We are continually updating this page with new ideas, please check back often…

Supporting Littleton businesses in this challenging time is essential. We encourage everyone in the community to continue to support businesses by purchasing goods and services within safety guidelines. To allow this to happen, the City of Littleton urges all businesses to follow the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers and “get creative in the times of COVID.” 

We recognize that we all have tough decisions ahead, so as we do, we want to be there for you, we are here to help brainstorm with you. We want to do everything we can to find creative ways to keep small businesses afloat and our economy healthy. We are all in this together!

5/19/2020 A good article from on what some Denver restaurants are thinking going forward in the time of COVID-19: When it comes to reopening, here’s what five Denver restaurateurs are thinking.

4/3/2020- Plain Vanilla Shell has some ideas to help small businesses in their recent article Not “Business as Usual”: How Communities Can Support Local Businesses During the COVID‑19 Pandemic

3/29/2020 –See below how small businesses around the globe are already adjusting:

1) Retail store – Tupelo, Mississippi
Transition to online sales – People can buy or stock up if they want to, they can pay over the phone, they can pay online and come in to pick it up.

2) Auto shop, Denver Colorado
No-Touch Service Option – Offering a Service Option so you do not have to physically come inside their shop. Customers drop off their vehicle & communication is handled via phone, text and email to coordinate repairs. Vehicle Pick Up Option – To save customers time and limit the spread of the virus, Pride picks up customer vehicles so customers can work from home or take care of their children.

3) Cafe – Robertson, NSW
Shifting the business to home delivery – The café is preparing precooked meals that people can grab and go and deliver meals to people’s doorsteps. If people are self-isolating, the café is leaving the meal at the front door.”

4) Pizza restaurant – Johnson City, Tennessee
Temporarily stopped operations & selling gift cards –  they will be selling gift cards to buy future pizzas or menu items.

5) Retail store – Portland, Oregon
Moved the small business to an online delivery service – Flowers are discounted and marketed to “send a message more special than a text message” for people quarantined at home.

6) Dance school  – Denver, Colorado
Virtual Dance classes – Customers participate via Zoom. Once they register and pay for classes through the website, they are sent Zoom login instructions.

You rely on your community as much as it relies on you. Along with the above ideas, some clothing and boutique retail business owners are providing private shopping experiences for customers. Others are contributing to the response efforts by helping their fellow business owners. This could mean providing goods, equipment or expertise to other businesses that may need a skill or talent you have right now.