How Technology is Upgrading the In-Store Retail Shopping Experience

At last week’s National Retail Federation annual conference, five future trends in the retail industry were outlined.  The predicted retail trends:

  • Prices change by the hour – although a standard practice in online retail, dynamic pricing is beginning to enter brick and mortar establishments
  • Digital mirrors help customers visualize new outfits, lipstick, sunglasses using 360-degree videos that shoppers can send to friends and family for instant feedback
  • Robotic shopping carts & cart-less shopping. Robotic carts upload shopping lists, guide shoppers to products, handle check-out and after the cart is unloaded automatically return to the store.  In the cart-less shopping experience, customers use their phones to add items to a virtual cart as they walk through the store.  At the end of the trip, items can either be picked up or mailed.
  • Technology for better-fitting shoes and clothing. Retailers are collecting customer data that they use to recommend clothing.  Customers can send a retailer photos of an item and the store will suggest coordinating items.
  • Robots that restock shelves and answer shopper questions and help shoppers locate items

    (Courtesy of Memomi)