June 8th Main Street Block Party Cancelled

Click links to view the full City of Littleton’s Press Release as well as the story covered by 9news.com

On Monday, May 13, the City of Littleton was notified by the Historic Downtown Littleton Merchants (HDLM) association that the Main Street Block Party, scheduled for Saturday, June 8, was being canceled.

“It came as quite a surprise to learn that the Block Party was canceled,” said Littleton Communications Director Kelli Narde.  “We met with the HDLM President Greg Reinke on January 8 and on many occasions afterward to review the new permit, offer our staff assistance, and answer any questions.  We had no idea a cancellation was being considered. We’ll continue to support the downtown with events that benefit the merchants and that residents enjoy.”

“The city council has always supported the HDLM and the Main Street Block Party by providing police officers and public works employees at no charge to Mr. Reinke or HDLM.  These employees close the streets, keep the area clean, and ensure it is safe for all attendees.  We ratified our 2019 budget in October 2018 and approved these same commitments to the Block Party. It’s really disappointing that our residents and our downtown merchants will miss out on this fun, community event,” Brinkman said.