“Let’s Clear the Air” campaign

Last year on November 3, 2015, Littleton City Council passed an ordinance making Downtown Littleton a smoke free zone.  The new law became effective January 1, 2016, but some residents and visitors are still unaware smoking is prohibited and also includes the use of electronic smoking devices, “vaping” devices, etc.

Commemorating the anniversary is the introduction of the “Let’s Clear the Air” campaign. The city will distribute window decals and drink coasters to local businesses. No smoking signs will soon include the blue “Let’s Clear the Air” message. Let’s all pitch in and encourage voluntarily compliance with the ordinance by informing visitors who smoke that smoking is prohibited except roof-top and back patios where allowed by the owner, and in private parking lots and public alleys 15 feet from any entrance. ”Let’s Clear the Air” and make Downtown Littleton a healthier place for everyone.

“As a downtown shop owner, we welcome everyone to our store. I appreciate it when those who want to smoke pay attention to the new zones and don’t smoke outside our door. I think the city’s new “Let’s Clear the Air” campaign is perfect. It’s a positive message for all, and at the end of the day, we all love Downtown Littleton and just want to enjoy its charm.” Shane George, Workhorse 45.