Limited Time Energy Efficiency Opportunities for Your Business

If you’ve been contemplating a major natural gas heating upgrade, such as a new furnace, water heater replacement, boiler tune-up or upgrade, or new unit heater now’s the time to save. These heating improvement projects are currently eligible for a 50% bonus rebate. Note that projects must be invoiced, installed, and the rebate applications submitted before December 15, 2017 to earn the bonus. Visit for business heating efficiency bonus details and rebate applications.

Xcel Energy offers Building Tune-Ups for small businesses through its Recommissioning programs. The Building Tune-Up program is designed to assist small business customers to improve the efficiency of their existing building operations. Through the program, Xcel Energy identifies functional systems that can be “tuned up” to run as efficiently as possible through low- or no-cost improvements. Visit to learn more and complete your Building Tune-Up audit application or call the Business Solutions Center at (855) 839-8862.