Littleton 2021 Budget: “Stay The Course”

The City of Littleton Leadership Team has been working on the 2021 Proposed Budget since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The city was required to react quickly and strategically to address the immediate loss of revenues in 2020 while trying to understand the potential impacts in 2021. Staff began identifying structural changes within departments to address the economic impact. This provided the foundation for development of the 2021 budget. Departmental discussions were held in July and August and three budget meetings were scheduled for September 8, 9 and 24.

The council considered nine policy questions (several of which are under a “budget proviso” — requiring further definition of scope before it can proceed) including funding for continuation of Envision Littleton efforts as well as revising city codes to align with the Comprehensive and Transportation Master Plans and create a Unified Land Use Code. Other policy questions include an increase in employee compensation to maintain competitiveness in the market, funding for polling and public education on potential 2021 ballot questions, and funding for the Omnibus program. Funding for park investments are on hold until South Suburban Parks and Recreation is able to confirm its ability to partner on projects.

The fiscally constrained Five-Year Capital Projects Fund continues to show little to no funding available for larger transportation investments, deferred fleet and information technology replacements, and little investment in public buildings. This is not sustainable and will lead to much higher costs in future years as deferred maintenance will cause higher replacement costs. The 2021 final budget will be considered by council October 6 for first reading, and October 15 for a public hearing and second reading. Citizens are invited to view and provide feedback to council at the public hearing. Proposed 2021 Budget [PDF].