Littleton Blvd. – Spring/Summer Revitalization Grant Program

San Engineering – Before picture

Littleton Boulevard Stakeholder-

Spring has arrived and it is time to think about those exterior improvement projects that will make your property and business shine to customers. The City of Littleton has a program that may help offset the costs of your business improvement projects. The Littleton Revitalization Incentive Grant is administered by the Economic Development Department to encourage private investments in revitalizing and enhancing properties while benefitting the entire community.

San Engineering-After photo

The program can provide up to $20,000 in matching funds per project to businesses within the City of Littleton to improve the appearance of existing buildings and the overall look and appearance to the community.  Projects may include landscape improvements, façade improvements, exterior improvements for ADA, improvements to parking areas, and exterior lighting.  Architectural design assistance may also be included. San Engineering, located at 1150 W. Littleton Boulevard, exemplifies what is possible when these grant funds are put to use (see attached pictures).

To learn more about the City of Littleton Revitalization Grant visit the web site at or call the Economic Development Department at 303-795-3749.

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