Littleton, Englewood’s Water Renewal Facility Recovers Biogas from Wastewater

The South Platte Water Renewal Partners (SPWRP) facility revealed Colorado’s very first Gas Recovery Facility and Pipeline Injection Project to the public, on October 31, 2019. This new system recovers methane gas that is formed during the wastewater treatment process and cleans it, so it can be directly injected into Xcel Energy’s natural gas pipeline.

SPWRP aims to improve local air quality in our community with these efforts. The methane gas, which was once flared into the atmosphere, is now contributing towards reducing the local carbon footprint by 5,000 metric tons of CO2 per year, which is enough to drive 13.5 million miles in a single car. An additional benefit of the gas recovery facility is the generation of revenue for the Cities of Littleton and Englewood, by selling the recaptured gas to Xcel Energy.

“The Pipeline Injection Project is a unique approach in innovation that will benefit the environment, our customers, and our facility. We are beyond excited to share this pioneering accomplishment with our communities,” said SPWRP Director, Pieter Van Ry.

The South Platte Water Renewal Partners (SPWRP) facility is the third largest water renewal facility in Colorado. SPWRP is co-owned by the Cities of Littleton and Englewood and serves over 300,000 customers daily by cleaning 20 million gallons of wastewater per day.

SPWRP helps the South Platte communities thrive by renewing water to support recreation, agriculture and wildlife. It protects the environment by treating waste in the water and recovering vital resources during the process. Free facility tours are available Monday through Friday. For more information, visit SPWRP’s website