Littleton Police Department is Partnering with Ring

The Littleton Police Department (LPD) has partnered with Ring, a home security and surveillance company, to help solve crime. The company has developed a free app called “The Neighbors App.” The app is a digital version of neighborhood watch, a tool used to post crime and security information within a five-mile radius of a home address. Some of the posts include video footage captured on Ring cameras.  It is important to note that this is not exclusive to Ring cameras. Those who do not have video surveillance systems are still able to post on the app.

With this application, LPD will further strengthen community partnerships and help keep neighborhoods safe.  The LPD will use the application to communicate with citizens, view posts, share crime and safety information and use what’s called the ‘video request tool.’ This will send out a request to people who own a camera in the area and are willing to share it. When making the request, LPD will reference a relevant case, and only request videos within a limited time and area. People can choose to aid in the request or choose to take no action. LPD will not be able to see specific addresses and will not have access to cameras. For more information about the app visit