Littleton Town Hall Arts Center is planning for the Future

 Town Hall Arts Center has served the Littleton community for the past 36 years and remains an essential anchor for the historic downtown Littleton shopping district. Every year the theater hosts over 44,000 children, students, adults and seniors from across the Denver Metro area through its musical performances, community events, educational programs and the Stanton Art Gallery.

Recently, the Littleton Town Hall Arts Center board of directors endorsed Vision 2025, a strategic plan for the future. The organization’s programs are thriving more than at any time in its history. Having established a strong base of patrons and season ticket holders, a reputation of quality productions, a professional staff, and a solid financial endowment; the time is right to move forward.

Town Hall Arts Center must find additional space to continue serving the rapid-expanding population of the Littleton region. The theater building is bursting at the seams. Due to the overwhelming opinion of stakeholders during Vision 2025 planning, board members stress the theater will not be leaving its present location. They understand the theater’s intimate charm and quality programming is a significant reason for Town Hall Arts Center’s success. However, educational programs routinely have wait-lists, public rental and event spaces are unavailable due to space limitations, rehearsal space is inadequate and a modern scene shop has become a priority. Additionally, there is a need to provide a greater array of theater and concert performances.

Town Hall Arts Center is seeking a 12,000 sq. ft. educational and rehearsal space to address these needs, as close to the Main St. location as possible. Expansion is essential for the future of Town Hall Arts Center to continue to provide the same quality service to the community as it has in the past.