Littleton Voters To Consider Direct Election Of Mayor In November

Littleton voters will decide this fall if citizens should directly elect the mayor or stay with the current charter requirement that the mayor be elected by its peers on the city council. The mail ballot election is November 3.

If approved, the mayoral position would be directly elected by the registered voters during a general municipal election, starting in 2021. There would be no change to the powers or role of the mayor. A seated council member with additional remaining years on their term would be required to give up their seat to run for mayor. Any seated council member who runs for mayor must notify the city clerk by July 1 of that election year in order to inform candidates of the vacancy. Additionally, the direct-elect mayor position would have a four-year term, replacing the two-year runner-up at large seat. Littleton would remain a council/manager form of government.

Littleton is the 21st largest city in Colorado and of the top 25, only Littleton, Grand Junction and Englewood require council to elect the mayor from among its members. To learn more, read the Notice of Election [PDF].

Below is the language that will appear on the ballot:

Shall there be an amendment to Littleton City Charter Sections 19, 22, and 24 requiring the Mayor and City Council positions to be elected by the voters for 4-year terms?

___ Yes
___ No

Ballots will be mailed to registered voters between October 9 and 16. October 26 is the last day to apply to receive a mail ballot. Ballots can be dropped off or be returned by mail.

More information about the election process can be obtained from the county clerks offices:
Arapahoe County – 303-795-4511
Douglas County – 303-660-7444
Jefferson County – 303-271-8111