Littleton’s Manufacturer’s Edge Helps Colorado Thrive

Who They Are/What They Do

Manufacturer’s Edge is a non-profit consulting firm that helps manufacturers throughout Colorado grow and thrive. They are the official Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Center for the state of Colorado, which means that Manufacturer’s Edge receives federal funding to help better serve the manufacturing community. Another unique aspect of the organization is that there is one center like this in every state as well as Puerto Rico, so they can also help manufacturers connect to similar resources throughout the country.

State of Colorado’s ‘Skill Advance’ training grants partnership

Manufacturer’s Edge partners with Arapahoe Community College and community colleges throughout the state to help companies access the State of Colorado’s Skill Advance program, formerly known as the ColoradoFirst and Existing Industry grant program.  They help companies by assessing their training and business needs, submit their grant application, and apply for reimbursement for the training we deliver in partnership with ACC.  The focus is on manufacturers and any organization that needs to improve their employee skills and improve overall operations.  Nine months after they completed delivery of the training, clients reported an economic impact of over $15M.

Why is it important to support local manufacturers? How does it benefit Arapahoe/Douglas Counties to attract and keep manufacturing business?

Manufacturing is vital to our local and state economies. There are over 6,000 manufacturers in the state of Colorado and, as an industry, manufacturing contributes more to our state economy than tourism. Given the current challenges that our manufacturers are facing, it has become more important than ever to make people aware of these companies who are working tirelessly to shore up the supply chain, provide jobs, and contribute to their communities. The manufacturing community in Arapahoe/Douglas counties is no exception and has an already thriving network of innovative manufacturers who make products that wind up in your local hospitals, to parts for satellites that are orbiting the Earth. Manufacturers are an essential component of any community.  They provide local resources for goods and products in clean, safe environments as well as challenging, high paying job opportunities for the people in the surrounding areas.

For information about Manufacturer’s Edge visit or email You can reach out to Cindy Nowak, Regional Director for Arapahoe/Douglas counties as well as the entire South Metro Denver area at