Nook Coffee Opens on Main Street!

You know the location as CURDS CHEESE; but this unique main street store is now also the home of Nook Coffee  – A coffee and espresso bar with all the delights you can expect from a coffee house!  Owner Garett Palecek, a coffee connoisseur, loves to travel and the coffee and espresso drinks he had in Italy and Argentina inspired him to want to share his love for these delightful caffeinated beverages with his customers.   He would frequent SPUR for his coffee and when they closed he opened a coffee bar full-time and he brought SPUR coffee with him, ordering, selling and using SPUR coffee in his café!  Though he has been serving coffee since October of 2018; not until SPUR closed did he want to capture and fully showcase the tastes he loves in the small cafés from his travels.

On the Menu

When you come inside, expect to see the familiar espresso, cappuccino, latte and coffee drinks; true coffee shop must-haves, but might I suggest Garett’s special ‘Nutella cappuccino’ which will make you want to stay for more than just one I promise!  And no plain drip coffee is allowed! When you come in for a quick self-serve you can partake in true French Press coffee. There is a house blend espresso from Caffé Umbria and a rotating guest espresso as Garett wants his guests to “taste delicious different blends daily”.  With the French Press station, he also wanted to be sure the coffee he serves is not only delicious but can fit the ‘grab-and-go’ customer so no one would have to wait long when needing to get in and out and on their way!

Nook’s menu doesn’t stop at coffee drinks but also features cold-pressed juices and eats such as the popular ‘avocado toast’ and quiche Lorraine.   Trompeau Bakery, from neighboring Englewood, is Nook’s bakery partner and along with quiche, you can find croissants, cinnamon rolls, assorted danishes and cookies. There is truly something to curb any appetite.  All the delights of Curds Cheese are also still available and with FREE WiFi Garett has created a place you may not want to just grab a coffee and go (though you can quickly do this!) but stay a while and try everything on the menu (including that Nutella cappuccino)!

Nook Coffee (inside Curds Cheese) is at 2449 W. Main Street in Littleton.  Check out their website and menu at

Hours are Monday-Saturday 7a-6p and Sunday’s 8a-5p