Quick notes on running a business during COVID-19

Littleton Economic Development is following marketing trends during this time of COVID-19. Here are a few key points to consider for your businesses. We will continue to monitor business marketing ideas and post them as they come in.

1) Be careful with your marketing right now, it should be more about people’s wellbeing vs. outright marketing…get second (or more) opinions on any marketing or social media going out. Before sending out any updates be sure to check the most updated COVID-19 news prior to sending out anything in the event something has changed.

2) As a way to supplement your brick & mortar location, consider the well-respected Shoppify.com as a way to start selling your products online.

3) Businesses should consider communicating with their customers via email- such as a letter to customers, letting them know they care about them and what their business has been doing during this time of COVID-19. Tell stories and keep customers up to speed and in the loop with what is happening with your business…show a human connection in these emails and use empathy.