RE/MAX and Woodlawn Floral Receive Revitalization Incentive Grant

RE/MAX & Woodlawn Floral after picture

The Economic Development department for the City of Littleton awarded a ‘Revitalization Incentive Grant’ to the owners of the building that houses RE/MAX and Woodlawn Floral at 1700 W. Littleton Blvd to help fund updates to the building’s façade.  The goal of the Revitalization Incentive Grant is to encourage private property investment and improvements, while making revitalization efforts affordable, creative and of benefit to the community. The program offers up to 50% in matching funds to business tenants and property owners within the City of Littleton proposing projects that improve the appearance of existing buildings.

Before Picture

In 2018 the Littleton City Council approved $100,000 in funding for the 2019 Revitalization Incentive Grant to be administered by the Economic Development Department. For more information about the Revitalization Incentive Grant and details on how to apply for funding, please visit