Senator Cory Gardner Visits Downtown Littleton!

Monday, June 17, Senator Cory Gardner made a trip to downtown Littleton to meet with business owners’ onsite as part of his ‘Main Street Walking Tour’ across the state. Hoping to learn more about different industries within the city and what small businesses are looking for when being represented in Washington; the Senator met with Lauren Jennings, owner of Dirt Coffee Bar, Julie Pech, owner of The Chocolate Therapist and Mickey Kemph owner of Bradford Auto Body.  He ended his tour with a round table meeting at the Town Hall Arts Center.  Around the table were local business owners as well as Littleton’s Mayor Brinkman, Denise Stephens, Director of Economic Development for the City and members of the South Metro Denver Chamber.

The Senator had a chance to take questions and highlight his legislation on the ‘Map Improvement Act’ to increase the accuracy of broadband coverage maps, easing the burden of student loans, as well as his work with local lenders, passing legislation to make it easier for people to invest in their community and local businesses.  A 5th generation Coloradan, Cory Gardner has been The GOP Senator for Colorado since 2015.  As a result of the 2018 midterm elections, he became the only Republican holding statewide elected office in Colorado.   Gardner is up for re-election in 2020.  Follow Senator Cory Gardner on Facebook and Twitter.