The Colorado Center for The Blind can assist your business this summer between July 16 and July 27.

A note from the Colorado Center for the Blind located near downtown Littleton:

Do you remember your first job? Was it washing dishes, mowing a lawn or babysitting? Whatever you did, it was an important first step that launched you into your working life.  We are still in need of partners like you to make our summer program a success.  Each year students from around the country spend eight weeks with us learning blindness skills and exploring career options.  To achieve the latter, our students volunteer for two weeks with local businesses and organizations like yours. For many of them, this will be their all-important first work-related experience.
How can you help?
Allow us to place one of our summer students in your business for approximately 40 hours between July 16 and July 27.  This opportunity will help the student gain confidence and belief in themselves and open their minds to new possibilities.  It will also give you an extra pair of hands to accomplish tasks in your workplace.
What can our students do?
We know that blind people can do almost anything.  For your purposes, our students can answer phones, direct calls and visitors, clean, prepare food, wash dishes, organize items, do laundry, help with packaging, wrap gifts, and much more.  Blindness affects everyone differently.  Some blind people have no sight while others have some remaining vision.  No matter the amount of vision a person has, there are simple accommodations that can be made to allow a blind person to complete their duties. The key is the training (that’s what CCB does) and the opportunity to try and learn! That’s where you can help!
If you are interested in providing a volunteer opportunity or want more information, please contact our employment specialist, Monique Melton at (303) 778-1130 or as soon as possible.
Monique Melton, NOMC, NCUEB
Employment Specialist
Colorado Center for the Blind
(303) 778-1130 x221