Volunteer Lawyers Step Up To Help Small Businesses Navigate COVID-19 Crisis

Small businesses provide half of Colorado’s jobs. They have been especially hard-hit by the COVID-19 economic crisis, with minority and women-owned small businesses being hit the hardest. Legal volunteers have offered to help Colorado’s small businesses get back on their feet. The website coloradocovidrelief.org was created through a joint effort to match small businesses that need limited legal advice regarding COVID-19 related issues with volunteer lawyers.

Many small businesses face an added layer of legal challenges and expenses during the coronavirus pandemic as they fight to stay open or reopen, and this new initiative in Colorado is offering to help.  The pandemic has forced small businesses to deal with a lot of challenges they don’t normally confront. From HR issues such as what to do when employee furloughs are required, how to navigate different loan assistance programs, even about contracting issues business may have vendors – how do they negotiate or deal with vendors if there’s no revenue coming into the business?

If you are a small business that needs legal help; visit coloradocovidrelief.org, where you can submit an application to see if one of the volunteer lawyers if they are able to assist you. If you are a lawyer who wants to help, please sign up to volunteer.