Ways Businesses Can Protect Themselves from a Covid-19 Lawsuit

As restrictions ease and businesses begin to open, establishments should take reasonable precautions to limit their customers’ exposure to COVID-19 while at their premises as well as protect themselves from lawsuits. In a recent Denver Business Journal article, it discusses 5 things businesses can do to ward off lawsuits.

Businesses should follow the CDC guidelines by using reasonable mitigation strategies for businesses and employers. It may be difficult for a customer to prove causation given the nature of the virus and the ongoing inability to pinpoint where and when people have contracted the virus; however, following proper guidance is necessary to keep businesses, employees and customers safe while the nation reopens.

As an increased number of businesses begin operating under the state-wide Safer-At-Home Order in Adams, Arapahoe, and Douglas Counties, Tri-County Health announced their newly-established Business Re-Opening Task Force. This Task Force was developed to support businesses as they operationalize COVID-19 plans for reopening.

The Business Re-Opening Task Force will be available throughout the weekend and over the coming weeks from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answers questions and provide guidance on requirements under the Safer-At-Home Order. Businesses can access this service through email at covidbusinessrecovery@tchd.org and by phone at 720-713-6030.

Visit the Safer at Home Guidance for Businesses page for detailed information for various types of businesses

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